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DFT develops and manufactures custom Power and Motion electronics with a focus on:


  • Custom Digital Servo Drives in harsh environmental conditions for ground, marine and airborne applications:
    • Matching customer application according to communication and logic specifications.
    • Connecting to any type of external sensors.
    • A high accuracy calibration of mechanical systems and sensors.
    • Training the customer for maintenance of specific applications independently.
    • Meeting civil and military ruggedness, EMI, and safety standards.


  • Inertial Stabilization
    • Line of sight stabilization.
    • In-drive embedded inertial sensors, and interface to external inertial sensors.
    • Optical tracking or signal tracking after dynamic targets.
    • Signal strength seeking.






DFT has developed Expert systems for controller design and process identification that are now available to be integrated into existing OEM controller environments. These tools allow automatic and semi-automatic feedback design of:


  • Single actuator with one sensor (SISO) or several sensors (SIMO, MISO).
  • Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO).
  • Automatic and semi-automatic system’s dynamics-identification
  • Robotic control including inverse dynamic.


DFT has exceptional expertise in identifying and tuning feedback controllers for extreme performance including scheduling to external or internal user chosen sensors. The extreme performance comes with exact design margins calculations, taken over the entire load uncertainty range over the operating envelope while using appropriate control architecture. The available architectures include ‘P’, ‘PD’, ‘PID’, ‘Cascaded’ and many more; all with options to add low-pass filters, lead or lag filters and notch filters.


  • Inverse kinematics for complex open or closed links multiple axis systems, including optimization of redundant degrees of freedom.
  • Inverse kinematics for robotic control.
  • MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) systems, with multiple commands and sensors attached, for high performance control of coupled axes.
  • Airborne Systems Operations (airborne fueling, missile and UAV flight surfaces) including redundant actuation.
  • Control all types of electric motors (DC, BLDC, asynchronous motor, stepper motors etc.)
  • Control of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.
  • Simulation and analysis of complex dynamical systems.