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Company profile

DFT is a dynamic innovative company presenting unprecedented capabilities in Control design. The foundations of these capabilities are our leading team world class academic achievements, combined with 30 years of developing challenging custom feedback control systems for Motion and Power applications.


What distinguishes DFT from other companies is the quality of our Expert systems for controller design and process identification, and the capabilities we gained from years of focusing on projects characterized by stringent demands.


DFT is the address for you in one of two cases:

1. You have an existing system whether it is Motion, Power, Thermal, MEMS or Active Noise Control, and you want to squeeze it for the best performance possible for your needs. In this case DFT will:
  • Identify your system precisely even if it operates in harsh conditions.
  • Design the best possible controller according to your predefined criteria. 


We also offer our cutting-edge control design tools to be integrated into your existing OEM controller environment. 

2. You need a solution at every level from slight software and hardware enhancements of existing systems, to definition of completely new designs while meeting civilian and military standards, such as electromagnetic compatibility requirements, safety requirements, and ISO9001 certified. The company experts can advise and help the specification of a product answering the exact customer's needs, and can help in defining cost and room saving compromises. The resulting optimized high performance solutions are tailored to meet the customer's functional and cost specifications. All our products are using our embedded computer/DSP based hardware and software platforms. We use our motion control capabilities to develop state of the art direct drives for complex systems like multi axes gimbaled pedestals.

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