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Simulation of Complex Dynamical Systems



DFT has mastered PSpice capabilities to create accurate electrical simulations in order to provide thorough and detailed analysis of your design. We are capable to create a precise PSpice model of any custom Transformer or other electrical components in case its model is not available by manufacture. Our field of expertise covers:

  • All Power Supply topologies.
  • Motor Drivers.
  • Gradient Amplifier.
  • General Analog and Mixed Analog/Digital circuits.

DFT provides full design simulation of electrical functionality, as well as of design control and stability.



As in DFT we are dealing with Motion Control and custom Servo Drive design for over 25 years, we gained a profound understanding both theoretical and practical of how servo systems really work. Moreover, by working closely with MATLAB and promoting their simulation tools, mainly SimscapeTM we are in the front line of implementing accurate efficient modeling of custom Electro-Mechanical systems using state-of-the-art tools and even extending them. Our field of expertise covers:

  • Different Actuator types.
  • Different Motor types.
  • Inertial Tracking.

Our simulations reflect detailed Sensor characterizations, Friction, Shock absorbers, and in general any physical significant phenomena of your custom system.