Expert Systems for Control Tuning (Autotuner)

The mission of our expert systems is to aid users of diverse skill levels in tuning feedback control systems by integration of our expert systems into OEM controller environments:


  • “One button” tuning process for people who just want their systems tuned


  • All the relevant displays, reports, and fine tunes required by the field engineer


  • The perfect tool set for the expert who wishes to actively participate in the design process


  • All the tools required for implementing controllers and/or perform identification


The expert systems support realistic situations. They address:


  • Synthesis of one robust control law for multiple work points


  • Synthesis based either on analytical models or just on measured frequency domain data      


  • Synthesis control laws for several sensors: e.g. one sensor mounted directly on an actuator, and another sensor on the load, beyond a gear train.


  • Consideration of the parameter variation stemming from specification ranges, ageing, and more


  • Optimizing for the actual sensor resolution and noise.


  • Synthesis for time domain specifications such as bounding the overshoot and ‘time domain’ noise amplification


They also address very advanced issues like Control-law Scheduling for different work conditions DFT can also supply “one button” tuners for highly complex applications including scheduling.


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  • Expert Systems for Control Tuning