The DR-220V-15A servo drive will be powered from three phases AC lines (motors) and from +28V DC line (logic PS). 

The DR-220V-15A servo drive will operate in digital current, velocity, position and advanced position modes, with a permanent-magnet brushed DC motor.

The DR-220V-15A should operate as stand-alone device only.

The DR-220V-15A will allow the option to connect via CAN communication lines for service and/or calibration purpose.

The DR-220V-15A includes internal shunt resistor.

The drive will include and support resolver feedback options and general I/O interfaces as described below.

DFT may implement interfaces for encoder and digital Hall sensors for meeting future product requirements.

DFT may also add the ability to drive 3-phased brushless motor as provision for future projects. The encoder, Hall, and 3-phased motor interfaces will not be tested as a condition for this project completion.

DR-220V-15A shall provide supply voltage for all relevant feedback options.