Single axis 3.135KW off-line servo driver for harsh environment applications.

The DR-380V-25A is 380-440VACX3 single axis, up to continuous 25arms servo controllers, intended for rugged military applications.

Typical applications, amongst other, include:

  • Heavy loads e.g. large antenna rotators.

  • For direct use on marine supply lines, without any external filters and power conditioning devices.

  • Minimal dimensions and weight.

  • The control algorithms are designed to meet the most challenging plants, including heavy, fast loads, variety of resonance frequencies, etc., thus achieving optimum performance for both geared and direct - drive motors.


The DR-380V-25A firmware is derived from the DFT-Servo module. It can utilize the outstanding DFT-Servo automatic integration control tuning and identification tools.

Its advanced setup and configuration environment facilitate speedy, effective, and documented integration and controller tuning, for:

  • Different motors from various manufactures.

  • Different gearing and sensor schemes.

  • Different motion plants, with their inertia distributions and structural resonance frequencies.

  • DR-380V-25A
    • Single axis Brushed or brushless DC, or AC induction

    • Motor types

    • 380-440 VAC x 3

    • Power supply voltage

    • Up to 25 Arms continuous, 50 Arms peak

    • Current, sinusoidal BLDC drive

    • Up to 30A continuous, 60A peak

    • Current, DC or trapezoidal BLDC drive

    • 96% at full power

    • Drive efficiency

    • Sinusoidal or trapeze

    • Communication

    • Short circuit between motor phases, and between motor phase to ground, over voltage, regeneration power limitations, temperature of power bridge and motor over temperature

    • Protections

    • ·         Resolver, 16 bit, configurable 100-1000 Hz bandwidth, automatic phase correction up to 45? shifts, factory calibrated, 1 mrad precision

      ·         2x Incremental encoder, up to 25 MHz (configurable input filters) + index, Digital hall sensors

      ·         SSI absolute encoder

      For other options call DFT

    • Feedback type

    • ·         12 digital inputs

      ·         2 high side drive outputs

      ·         2 line driver outputs

    • Digital I/O

    • 2x Precision reference input, +/- 10V 2x External resistive temperature sensor inputs

    • Analog inputs

    • MTBF 40000 Hrs operation hours at 40?' per MIL HBK 217

    • Reliability

    • 2XRS422, 2xCAN, optional Ethernet

    • Communications

    • 20 Yr

    • Life expectancy

    • -45? to 60? (-55? screened by special order, 71? with derating)

    • Environment temperature range

    • Unlimited

    • Altitude

    • 95%, non-condensing (100% condensing humidity+ salt fog endurance by special order)

    • Humidity

    • 5g rms

    • Vibration

    • 10g, 11 msec saw-tooth, 3

    • Shock

    • 250x180x120 mm

    • Mechanical dimensions

    • 6.4 Kg

    • Weight

    • Body: Painted with gray epoxy (may be modified to customer's scheme)

      Heat Sink: Chemical conversion

    • Finish

    • DM38999 Series 3 for power, D-type for signals

    • Connectors type

    • By heat transfer to baseplate (optional: fins for air cooling)

    • Cooling

    • 1000W peak

    • Shunt resistor