The GRT is intended for the medium-small motors market: BLDC and DC. At the range of up to 15Amp@50V, the GRT is a very attractive combination of control quality and low costs.


The GRT servo drive presents advanced servo functionality including I/O support, wide range of feedback interfaces and system communication options.

  • Low weight
  • Small dimensions
  • Wide temperature range


The GRT is a member of the DFT-Servo product line featuring advanced servo control tuning and identification tools.

Its advanced setup and configuration environment facilitates fast and effective integration control tuning for:

  • Brush and Brushless motors of various manufacturers
  • Different gearing and sensor schemes, different motion plants, with their inertia distributions and structural resonance frequencies


The GRT communications include:

  • RS232 or RS422
  • Full CANopen DS301 with IEC-61800 (formerly DS402) support. The DS402 support includes the profiled position and speed modes, as well as interpolated position or speed.


The angle or distance sensors include:

  • Digital quadrature encoder, with support of homing procedures
  • Absolute encoder: eBiss, or SSI
    • Parameter

    • Description

    • Motor types

    • Single axis , brushed (DC), Stepper,  or Brushless

    • Power supply

    • 18-50 VDC continuous , surges to 60V

    • Current , sinusoidal BLDC motor

    • Up to 15Arms continuous , 20Arms peak

    • Current ,DC or trapezoidal

      BLDC motor

    • Up to 18A continuous , 25A peak

    • Drive efficiency

    • 98.5% at full power

    • Protection

    • Short circuit , over voltage , regeneration power limitation , power

      bridge temperature and motor over temperature

    • Feedback types

    • Incremental encoder , up to 5MHz (configurable input

      filters) + Index , digital Hall sensors

      Absolute position: SSI, eBiss

    • Digital I/O

    • 1 enable

      2 inputs (configurable as or home limit switches)

      2 outputs (configurable as brake control or as regeneration shunt control)

    • Analog input

    • +/- 5V

    • Reliability

    • MTBF 70000Hrs operation hours at 40c

    • Communications

    • RS-232 , RS-422 or CAN, USB

    • Temperature

    • -40o to +71o

    • Dimensions

    • 50x50x35mm with connectors

    • Weight

    • 100g

    • Finish

    • Body: Plastic resin

      Heat sink: Aluminium

    • Cooling

    • By base plate

    • Regeneration resistor

    • None