DFT has broad experience designing Simulators to interface Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electrical Drivers/Controllers. The Simulator may incorporate physical Motors/Actuators or an Algorithm implementing a differential equation model to predict the load position - all according to your system needs. Our Simulators may consist of: 

  • Electrical load similar to servo valve.
  • Encoders/Resolvers reports.
  • Different Communications: UART, CAN, EtherCAT.
  • Pressure Measurements.
  • LVDT readouts, Analog I/O, Relay Logics.
  • A supplementary GUI.


At DFT we are able to tailor a Simulator for your needs with your custom functions and Interfaces.


SAC SIMULATOR is designed to control SAC (Servo Actuator Controller).

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The SMS is intended to test customer equipment (EUT, Equipment Under Test) as a part of its ATP.

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PAC SIMULATOR is designed to control PAC (Pneumatic Actuator Controller).  

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