Monopulse Trackers - PCM Series

Throughout the years DFT has developed several generations of Monopulse Trackers. Whether it is interfaced to ground or airborne pedestal, DFT’s Monopulse Tracker provides fully automatic acquisition and track control.


Our Trackers feature: 


  • Digital IQ sampling (primary) for Signal Strength, Azimuth and Elevation Bore Sight Error, backed up by corresponding Analog signals (secondary).
  • RS422/CAN/Ethernet Communication.
  • Receive Sync signals for fast frequency changing and Receive/Transmit timing.


Our Tracker works in two configurations:


  • Dish Antenna - two axis, monopulse acquisition and tracking include the treatment of FH transmissions. The antenna pointing control at both axis provided by pedestal.
  • Phase Array - two axis, signal strength acquisition and tracking with or without receiving the platform INS data. The antenna pointing control is combined from:
1. Azimuth – slow (pedestal) and fast (electronic steering).
2. Elevation – fast (electronic steering).



Tracking Control Units - Throughout the years DFT gained vast experience in designing Tracking Control Units to track geostationary satellites, using navigation and signal strength information. We handle virtuosically Kalman-Filtering and other Tracking and Control Algorithms. Jointly with our long-standing mechanical expertise partners, we provide a full system design consisting of our custom Drive Units. 




The PCM2 is an automatic track controller (ATC) and servo controller which interfaces directly to ground station pedestal or other pedestals.

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The PCM is an automatic acquisition and track controller which interfaces to ground or airborne antenna pedestal or other pedestals.

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Drive Amplifier Unit. The DAU module forms part of multiple-axes pedestal Drive Unit.

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Tracking Control Unit 

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