The DAU module forms part of multiple-axes pedestal Drive Unit. It used for driving one DC brushless 3-phased servo motors, and measure 3-D inertial rotation rates and linear acceleration.

The driver module includes two distinct parts for the following functions:

  • Inertial Measurement unit (IMU): Measure inertial rotation rates and linear acceleration
  • Drive Amplifier Unit (DAU): Digital current control over permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motor.


  • Property

  • Value

  • Power supply

  • 28V only

  • Power consumption

  • 3W

  • Servo power

  • 150W continuous

  • Switching rate

  • 10KHz

  • Gyro noise

  • 0.1 deg/sec

  • Motion sensors

  • Analog Netzer

    Hall sensors

  • Calibration range for inertial sensors

  • -55..85 deg Co

  • Temperature range

  • -55..71deg C0

  • Motor parameters range

  • R=0.1R to 20R

    L=0.3mH to 50mH

    Note 1

  • Controller modes

  • Torque

    Open–loop field direction