The PCM is an automatic acquisition and track controller which interfaces to ground or airborne antenna pedestal or other pedestals. The card is running software to support following electronic functionality and by mechanical design configuration:


The electronics fits into a single card. The card needs to be interfaced to the following units:

  1. System controller that monitor & control the PCM via differential RS422 UART and provide differential RS422 discrete timing signals for frequency hopping and transmit receive synchronization.
  2. Antenna pedestal that monitored & controlled by the PCM via differential RS422 UART.
  3. Digital IQ sampling for Signal Strength, Azimuth and Elevation Bore Sight Error (primary).
  4. Analog signals for Signal Strength, Azimuth and Elevation Bore Sight Error (secondary).
  5. Receive sync signals from modem for fast frequency changing and receive/transmit timing.
  6. Provide Modulator with sync signals


PCM should work in two configurations:

  1. Ground – dish antenna, two axis, monopulse acquisition and tracking include the treatment of FH transmissions. The antenna pointing control at both axis provided by pedestal.
  2. Airborne – phased array antenna, two axis, signal strength acquisition and tracking with or without receiving the platform INS data. The antenna pointing control is combined from: azimuth – slow (pedestal) and fast (electronic steering); elevation – fast (electronic steering).


CAN and/or Ethernet communication shall allow recording card data, debug and FW update for development and maintenance.