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The FocusTable is a platform designed to carry a camera of weight up to 20Kg and to control its movement along a lateral axis with respect to a lens.


It offers:

  • Accuracy better than 40 micron for a 10Hz feedback update.
  • Max Acceleration: 30mm/sec2       
  • Max Velocity: 30mm/sec
  • Full functionality at any angle between horizontal and fully vertical position.
  • Stabilization better than 25 micron in response to angular acceleration disturbance of 100o/sec2 in both Azimuth & Elevation axes.
  • 70mm effective dynamic range.
  • Electric brake fixating the payload even at fully vertical position.
  • Electric lateral movement limiters.
  • Absolut encoder of 1 micron accuracy.



  • Ethernet  
  • Serial