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Leveling Systems

One of the special projects DFT developed as a leading control group is a unique Automatic Leveling Unit (ALU), governing the levelling process of a 4 legged platform with 4 or 8 servo motors. The device merges state of the art intelligence with user’s ease of use and interface simplicity. It is capable of performing a complex simultaneous and synchronized motion of all 4 legs of the platform, swiftly levelling it and ensuring the entire set of levelling legs holds tight to the ground at all times.


The main tasks of the ALU are:

  • Unload a platform from a truck.
  • Bring the platform to final height.
  • Level the platform - up to 70.
  • Reload the platform to a truck.


The ALU has no internal electronic level measure. Rather, it communicates with a wide range of external ones, making it very flexible to integrate with your system. 

  • ALU48VDC-X
    • Parameter

    • Description

    • Motor type

    • Brushed or Brushless DC

    • Feedback type

    • Incremental encoder (Hall sensors for brushless DC motors)

    • Limit switches

    • A switch at each travel limit, SPST or SPDT

    • Humidity resistance

    • 98% Condensing resistance :    

      [MIL-STD-810F, method 507.4]

      Rain and blowing rain  :          

      [Method 506.4-7, procedure I]

      Splash proof  :                          


    • Vibration resistance

    • Shock: 20g/11msec saw tooth, 3-directions

      Vibration:  [MIL-STD-810F]

    • Finish

    • Per customer's requirement:  Epoxy paint or CARC paint

    • MTBF

    • 20,000 operation hours

    • Life Expectancy

    • 20 Years

    • Weight

    • 18.3 Kg., including control pendent and its enclosure

    • Dimensions

    • Width:       396.4 mm

      Height:      234.5 mm

      Depth:      309.3 mm  (excluding pendant


    • Connectors

    • DM38999 Series III military round olive-drab connectors – refer electrical interface drawing.